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Create e-books from scratch and edit them as in a standard word processor
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The growing popularity of e-books makes it inconceivable to think of a hardback or paperback edition without its electronic counterpart. Kotobee Author is a professional tool with all the elements required to produce high-quality EPUB, MOBI, and PDF e-books, regardless of the type of publisher. You can use a PDF, HTML, or Word file as input or type in your own text and start your e-book from scratch, just as you would do in your favorite word processor. It supports a dozen formats for the output, including those specific to mobile apps.

There are many e-book tools in the market that can transform popular document file formats (such as Word) into standard e-book formats, such as EPUB, LIT, or MOBI, but not many of them come with their own word-processing tools to allow you create an e-book from a blank page. Kotobee Author is one of those few, and, in my opinion, that adds great value to an e-book authoring tool that is far from being inexpensive. When clicking on the “new book” icon, the program opens a blank page with pretty much all the basic features of your standard word processor – font, paragraph, align, bold, underline, etc., as well as the possibility of adding tables, links, images, and even self-assessment questions, animations, 3D objects, or videos. Alternatively, you can load a Word, PDF, or HTML file to avoid typing all the text, and then use the program’s tools to enhance and add value to your e-book.

E-books are much more than just text documents in an exotic new format, or they shouldn’t be. Kotobee Author offers you a set of features to make your e-books more attractive and more interactive at the same time, such as a table of contents, reflowable text, a page-flip effect, descriptions for images, anchors, links to other parts of the book or the Web, etc. You can also brand your e-books to promote your company and its activities and provide the user with a custom reading experience by adding highlighting and drawing tools or any other options and features of your choice.

Kotobee Author exports to all the most widely used e-book formats – the “de facto” standard in the publishing industry (EPUB), Amazon’s proprietary format (MOBI), PDF, and Word, as well as others compatible with Chromebook, Android and iOS mobile devices, Web browsers, and LMS, among others. Though it may look a bit pricey to home users, publishing services will find this software tool to be a good value for money.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Works like a standard word processor
  • Creates e-books in 12 formats
  • Can produce animated e-books
  • Includes formats for mobile apps
  • Supports PDF, HTML, and Word as input
  • Offers branding options


  • It is a bit pricey
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